announcements// MARCH 2015

​+ (Second from right) at LTAB’s Queeriosity, with writers/educators Tim’m West, Danez Smith, and Nate Marshall

+ has been active in Young Chicago Authors for a decade.  Performing, teaching, volunteering and more! + is re-entering the YCA space in a leadership role after years of experience in DIY communities and shaking things up.

This past week + was a featured performer at Louder Than A Bomb’s (Young Chicago Authors) Queeriosity event. + is curating  a monthly night for young queer writers at the organization under the same name. Louder Than A Bomb is the largest youth poetry slam in the world. Queeriosity, hosted and organized by +, is the first Thursday of every month at YCA, starting May 5th. 7 PM, free.




+ is out here with an EP called #TheRevolutionAlreadyHappened (March 1, 2015). It’s thoughtful and passionate, about love being literally everywhere. The eight song EP, +’s eleventh, tells its story by mixing meditation with dissonant noise.

#TheRevolutionAlreadyHappened is available online in a digital package that comes with a new chapbook of poetry, a set of ringtones, and more. Stream/Download via Bandcamp




​Photo by Monica Wizgird

+/emanuel vinson has been featured on Pitchfork and in the Chicago Reader; they’re a novelist (small fortunes, 2014), poet, hip-hop artist and a music journalist, most notably for Uproxx/The Smoking Section whilst covering and fostering the local scene via Side by Side Magazine.

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+’s fifteenth album JIHAD: to find the face of love in chaos is now available on Spotify.

peace and love!


Through the looking glass

+‘s fifteenth album JIHAD: to find the face of love in chaos is now available.

#BSB5, December 20, 2014, celebrated its release and served as the culmination of a series of performances commemorating the fifth anniversary of +’s sixth album Blue Walls.

These photos, taken by Monica Wizgird, are from the show held at CESSPOOL and feature noise group Logorrhea, rock man Bedroom Sons, poet Erin Noskillz, and emcee MFN Melo. Ultimately, there is video of +’s performance of “jasmine & matt / love rap / spiritual assplay” from the night, captured by Jennifer Brown.


Bedroom Sons


MFN Melo

Erin Noskillz


The show

Video of +’s performance.

peace and love

announcements//JANUARY 2015



+ has begun uploading the work of their back catalog to Week 1 (of 28) brings +’s debut album Étape Un: My Me, Your Me.

Download and read about the album here. Check out album track “Close2,”


JIHAD & small fortunes


+’s fifteenth album JIHAD: to find the face of love in chaos is now available for preview.

As is +’s debut novel small fortunes.

Both can be purchased as a bundle for $10.


small fortunes, +’s debut novel, is now available for preview and purchase

small fortunes

Inspired by the works of Ernest Hemingway, Henry Miller, and Chiliean poet Roberto Bolaño small fortunes is a slice into the life and love of a young Chicago artist.

It can be previewed here via, where the first part of the novel is available for reading.

The entire novel can be purchased for $5 by way of supporting + at their new Patreon page.

small fortunes

announcements//DECEMBER 2014

This past November, + released their latest album “JIHAD: to find the face of love in chaos.” You can purchase it here.


+ is releasing a new song via this announcement, it is titled “call to family: don’t look back”


+ is celebrating the fifth anniversary of their sixth album Blue Walls. The #BSB5, Blue Walls 5th Anniversary Box Social will be December 20, 2014

BSB5 poster

Logorrhea (noises)
Bedroom Sons (folks)
MFnMelo (raps)
+ (raps and noises)/


Here is a picture of + performing during the Blue Walls era.

blue walls era

More here.

Photos by Madeline Dowling.


+ will be releasing a collection of ringtones this week for #MakeAWishFridays, tones vol 1.


featuring “+alk like paul.”  coming Friday, December 12, 2014 at 11:11 AM

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“JIHAD: to find the face of love in chaos” is now available for purchase


+’s fifteenth album “JIHAD: to find the face of love in chaos” is now available for purchase.

////album cover credit: Erin Noskillz & +\\\\

Stream/download lead single “neverland” here:

JIHAD: to find the face of love in chaos

1. Intro
3. YTN3 247
4. #wheredaweedat (cat eat the mangos)
5. neverland
6. Orgy Skit I
7. dance like paul
8. winter in cambodia
9. dinner in cambodia
10. rsbd
11. Orgy Skit II sex in cambodia
12. minus.nigga
13. song from my body
14. music in cambodia
15. WIFE: the super verse
16. you need only look into my eyes
17. therapy
18. love. in cambodia
19. ll cool j
20. growing redux
21. future boyfriend reprise
22. redsQuaresbLuediamonds
23. Outro

Approx running time: 80 mins

Written, produced, performed, mixed, recorded and released by +

Thank you for your support