announcements// SEPTEMBER 2015

Photo by Alice West O’Keefe


august days

+ came out with a new EP, entitled august days on 8/24.

cover by Galia

Read an interview about the project, courtesy of Mics & Men.

e slo tion

+ slowed down karrrrrrly ray jipson’s new album Emotion

e slo tion

Listen to the project in its entirety here.

sept 19 show

+ is playing an experimental hip-hop show at Dollhouse DIY, with Netherfriends, Stash4D and more!

FB event

coop op board

With fellow board member Liz Nerat

Plus Sign is now officially a board member of The Cooperation Operation, a non-profit community organization that transforms vacant urban land into organic gardens and spaces for educational and economic empowerment.

Find out more about us!  Come volunteer!

(coop op show/MIJALFEST)

Coop op is gon have an open jam in our Terra Dome after our workday on the 26th.

+ is playing MIJALFEST in Dekalb, IL that night though. you have to come to one or the either.

updated website

Updated this website a bunch! New bio, revamped music section featuring playlists, & headings for early poetrycurriculum/education +’s the homies blog.


Check out +’s new curricula, based in love & hip-hop. Invite them to your local org!

utopia, collection of essays

+’s utopia, a collection of essays will be available for checking out at Book Em, Benton House‘s new library of anti-authoritarian literature, when it opens September 7.


+ is volunteering as a support liason at FASN, the Feminist Action Support Network. FASN is addressing rape and abuse in Chicago’s music/art/lit/DIY communities through transformative justice and community accountability

visual artists call for Side by Side

Plus Sign the journalist is interviewing and featuring female artists at Side by Side Magazine.

If you would to consider being considered for consideration contact + at with work samples.
love you

announcements// JULY 2015

Contact at


+ just dropped a collection of essays, has a bunch of performances & events coming up, and is teaching around the city.


utopia, a collection of essays

Released June 16, 2015, utopia, a collection of essays acknowledges human community as a theocracy of love and provides a hopeful framework for to transcend political inequality.

read time: 15 minutes.

Read utopia, a collection of essays.


In addition to co-facilitating this month’s Queeriosity at Young Chicago Authors, + did workshops on writing and rapping at Public Allies’ Learnapalooza and at Walsh Elementary in Pilsen. Next they will be teaching at an After School Matters program for teens at Loyola University.

+ at Learnapalooza

Performing at Walsh Elementary


A video posted by emanuel vinson (@immankant) on



Teen Writers and Artists Project Fundraiser // T-WAAP Sock Hop!

“We are raising money for our growing organization, as well as showcasing some of the programming that we offer year-round. (We are using “crowdrise” as a platform — here’s the link : ) We have many events throughout the year, such as our weekly “West Suburban Wordplay” a workshop and open mic experience for teens, artistic showcases throughout the year (such as our “Poetry Springs Eternal” event or hosting Buddy Wakefield), and our Creativity sessions that involve workshops in an array of artistic fields. Holding these events do cost money, which is why Teen Writers and Artists Project is hosting this Dance Marathon; to raise funds to keep the organization running and create more events!”

set time: 4 PM, there will also be performances by Adam Gottlieb & One Love, Leah Shoshanah, and Abraham Mellish.

Tourcation kickoff! Magnus Honey & Davey Dynamite w/ Special Guests!

Help us hit the road with a rad show!

Hit up a host for the address. Or write a note in blood onto the bark of a cimarron tree. Burn it that night and the address will appear in your dreams.

Here’s the event page for the rest of our tour:
@ GNARNIA, in the Avondale neighborhood. There will also be performancs by Sloth Hands, Stash4D, and more!

8200 S Fairfield Block Party

+ gon be performing for da kids at da block party


Be well, you are loved.

announcements//JUNE 2015


Contact at


+ just dropped a new album and a new book of poetry and has a bunch of performances & events coming up.

computer, a collection of essays coming soon


what is eternity, with Adam Gottlieb

what is eternity

A Mother’s Day gift from two sons who write poetry.

Read. Donate. enjoy. :) Physical run coming soon!


my sixteenth album I+e+r+a+d+u+r+a aka GOLDEN SUMMER aka serendipity: wind waker, a play

golden summer’s quest for harmony.

released May 24, 2015- +’s 24th birthday.



Queeriosity: open salon and discussion group for queer youth

The question is “Who Are You and What Do You Carry?” + is facilitating

bring art, bring objects, by you, and by others!

6:00 PM
1180 N Milwaukee, 2nd Floor

The Gala, June

open mic, + is a featured performer
2313 W. North Avenue


“a danceable show extravaganza,” + is doing a DJ set
8:00 pm
2042 w. 21st St, Chicago

Mo Mewsick Mo Art!

“Art and music and stuff. YEAH!,” + is doing an acapella set
8:00 pm
[email for address]

announcements// MARCH 2015

​+ (Second from right) at LTAB’s Queeriosity, with writers/educators Tim’m West, Danez Smith, and Nate Marshall

+ has been active in Young Chicago Authors for a decade.  Performing, teaching, volunteering and more! + is re-entering the YCA space in a leadership role after years of experience in DIY communities and shaking things up.

This past week + was a featured performer at Louder Than A Bomb’s (Young Chicago Authors) Queeriosity event. + is curating  a monthly night for young queer writers at the organization under the same name. Louder Than A Bomb is the largest youth poetry slam in the world. Queeriosity, hosted and organized by +, is the first Thursday of every month at YCA, starting May 5th. 7 PM, free.




+ is out here with an EP called #TheRevolutionAlreadyHappened (March 1, 2015). It’s thoughtful and passionate, about love being literally everywhere. The eight song EP, +’s eleventh, tells its story by mixing meditation with dissonant noise.

#TheRevolutionAlreadyHappened is available online in a digital package that comes with a new chapbook of poetry, a set of ringtones, and more. Stream/Download via Bandcamp




​Photo by Monica Wizgird

+/emanuel vinson has been featured on Pitchfork and in the Chicago Reader; they’re a novelist (small fortunes, 2014), poet, hip-hop artist and a music journalist, most notably for Uproxx/The Smoking Section whilst covering and fostering the local scene via Side by Side Magazine.

Contact at
Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

+’s fifteenth album JIHAD: to find the face of love in chaos is now available on Spotify.

peace and love!


Through the looking glass

+‘s fifteenth album JIHAD: to find the face of love in chaos is now available.

#BSB5, December 20, 2014, celebrated its release and served as the culmination of a series of performances commemorating the fifth anniversary of +’s sixth album Blue Walls.

These photos, taken by Monica Wizgird, are from the show held at CESSPOOL and feature noise group Logorrhea, rock man Bedroom Sons, poet Erin Noskillz, and emcee MFN Melo. Ultimately, there is video of +’s performance of “jasmine & matt / love rap / spiritual assplay” from the night, captured by Jennifer Brown.


Bedroom Sons


MFN Melo

Erin Noskillz


The show

Video of +’s performance.

peace and love