announcements//MAY 2013

On May 24th, + will be releasing a new EP, titled 2songs.


2songs cover photo by Monica Wizgird

    2songs tracklisting

  1. esperanza (ready for love)
  3. SHOWER SONG (feat. Defcee & Joseph Chilliams)
  4. rara (do you)

All proceeds from 2songs will go to The Cooperation Operation’s Pullman Community Garden project, an endeavor to bring sustainable food/education to the historic Southside Chicago neighborhood. LAND OF SPRINGS will be the first single, released later this month.

On May 24th, + will also be releasing its follow-up to the poetry collection wife, a lyrical essay entitled work.

Adam Yauch, August 5, 1964-May 4, 2012

Adam Yauch, August 5, 1964-May 4, 2012

They will be +‘s eighth EP and fourth collection of poetry respectively.

A new homies blog post, THREE POEMS with h. melt, was posted on May 2nd. A videos section has been added to tenderdiscovery, chronicling the past three years of +.

Here are two + rarities

“Moth’s Wings” with Dave Green, as do what now

“Buttsex: The Classic,” prod. Danny Cohen, as JEWFAM

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