new + EP “22 songs: the water temple” available now

22 songs

22 songs: the water temple is the new EP from mercurial utopian rap star +. The continuation of +’s twelfth album, Winter 2012’s serenity: ocarina of time, 22 songs is a portrait of development, peace, exuberance and beauty. It tackles with poetic vibrancy themes of self-love, overcoming dependency, brotherhood, and
embracing queerness of all kinds.

    22 songs: the water temple

  1. esperanza (ready for love) [prod. Owen Hill]
  2. LAND OF SPRINGS [prod. +]
  3. SHOWER SONG (feat. Defcee & Joseph Chilliams) [prod. Steel Tipped Dove]
  4. rara (do you) [prod. Owen Hill & +]

All proceeds from 22 songs will go to The Cooperation Operation’s Pullman community garden project, an endeavor to increase sustainable food/education in the historic southside Chicago neighborhood.

22 songs cover photo by Monica Wizgird

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