announcements//NOVEMBER 2013


c ya
photo credit Monica Wizgird

On November 29th, a week following the release of +’s thirteenth album dove + will have a show signaling the beginning of an indefinite hiatus, at Elastic Arts Foundation, 2830 N Milwaukee. It’s at 8, and it’s free. Featuring Raych Jackson, Dave Green, and elise or else.
dove + singles

dove will be available 11/22

homies blog

Two new homies blogs were posted in the month of November, the first featuring the poetic musings of Imani Jackson’s Jaywalking in Chicago and the ponderous, thunderous joint “The Waters” by Mick Jenkins and the second being a video feature with SKECH185 and Lamon Manuel of the Tomorrow Kings talking their new album Nigger Rigged Time Machine¬†(12/3) and rapping out loud in a beautiful place.


+ at October's Salonathon: LEX·IC·A 1 year Anniversary Celebration

+ at October’s Salonathon: LEX¬∑IC¬∑A 1 year Anniversary Celebration

photo credit JRVMajesty

+’s final scheduled performance preceding the hiatus show will be at the November edition of¬†Salonathon: LEX¬∑IC¬∑A. Monday, November 25, 9 PM. Beauty Bar.


the tape b-sides

emanuel has been contributing posts to the tape’s b-sides blog. Today’s entry was Xiu Xiu’s “Don’t Smoke in the Bed,” a cover from their upcoming Nina Simone tribute album Nina. Visit the post (and the rest of the blog) here.


In early September a video of + performing the tender discovery track “brutal discovery” was uploaded to


emanuel contributes tweets to The Cooperation Operation’s official twitter. Follow it to find out about volunteer opportunities at the garden, see educational (and probably pretty) videos on farming from around the web, get recommendations and insight from Coop Op members, and say what up.

+ is alive atm

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