“i’m starting to believe” is available for streaming and purchase now


+’s fourteenth album “i’m starting to believe” is now available.

////album cover credit: Sarah Winters\\\\

It can be streamed for free at soundcloud.com here

And purchased via Bandcamp for $8 in a download that also includes sample credits, song lyrics, and individual tracks from IS2B’s four suites for a user-dictated non-linear listening experience!

Purchase i’m starting to believe.

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+ returns, announces fourteenth album “i’m starting to believe,” debut novel

return of the crimson thing

return of the crimson thing, credit: Sarah Winters

Last November, following the release of dove + entered artistic hiatus. Producing no art, doing no shows or tweets, listening to old jazz. Quickly but surely, 0 to 100,
+ has re-emerged with sometimes purple sometimes crimson sometimes pink sometimes blonde hair, a new album, music video, novel, and a great big bushy beard.

i’m starting to believe is a postmodern odyssey. A linear post-pop experiment, a
transcendent space rap experience. It hits like a bottle opened and empties out
with prayers from DMX and acapella anthems.


is a novel. Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises, it is a series of vignettes organized for dramatic effect. About art, the city, living in the twenties, restrained. Release date: September 24, 2014.


This is +’s new music video, “You That Nigga, God.”

Dir. Darryl Turnbow