announcements//NOVEMBER 2014

the blueprint 5...

+ just dropped a mixtape, EP, dissed Kevin Coval & LL Cool J, released a music video, and put out the lead single from their fifteenth album, a triple album. And has a novel on deck. And more.

“ll cool j” is a vengeful pocket symphony. + hops from character to character
like a metamodern Marshall Mathers over a ghostly children’s chorus. It’s a brutal diss
track from someone’s evoking positivity, thus it deconstructs
and reconstructs in real time. + falls in and out of rhythm , goes from 0 to 100
and is their virtuosic, unhinged self. There’s some heavenly advice toward the end.

“[+] uses culture to challenge those things within the culture itself” – Kevin Coval

“Emanuel Vinson is the sort of absurdly ambitious musician whose desire to express himself in as many ways as possible is bound to warm the heart of even the most jaded listener” – Jim Derogaitis, Chicago-Sun Times


+ feels humiliated by Kevin Coval as a mentor and human concerning a sexual assault scandal in the prestigious Young Chicago Authors organization and community. The “DEFENDER” EP is a troubled transmission.


jihad video

+ released a video for “jihad,” the second from i’m starting to believe their fourteenth album.

Shot by @Stash4d (Twitter), Projections by Jessica Gorse.


dove anniversary performance

On November 22nd, 2013, dove was released. + went on hiatus for six months. This November 22, + will be performing at Punks ❀ Prisoners a benefit for Black and Pink, “an open family of GLBTQ prisoners and ‘free world’ allies who support each other.”

To celebrate dove, + will perform the album in its entirety.


For 11/7’s #MakeAWishFridays + released “neverland” the lead single from their upcoming fifteenth album

the blueprint 5: michael jackson wind waker / love. in cambodia / songs from my body

it’s a triple album. december 20.


+ has a novel on deck.

small fortunes. surprise release date.


emanuel vinson is writing for |X|

+‘s bodily incarnation has been reviewing singles, albums, and interviewed No Name Gypsy and Owen Hill of M&O so far. Angel Davanport interview/concert review coming soon.


In late October + put out sL-wGod, a pop collage described as “a slolo journey through the heavens.” Read the homies blog interview + did with emanuel vinson on the mixtape here.