announcements// JULY 2015

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+ just dropped a collection of essays, has a bunch of performances & events coming up, and is teaching around the city.


utopia, a collection of essays

Released June 16, 2015, utopia, a collection of essays acknowledges human community as a theocracy of love and provides a hopeful framework for to transcend political inequality.

read time: 15 minutes.

Read utopia, a collection of essays.


In addition to co-facilitating this month’s Queeriosity at Young Chicago Authors, + did workshops on writing and rapping at Public Allies’ Learnapalooza and at Walsh Elementary in Pilsen. Next they will be teaching at an After School Matters program for teens at Loyola University.

+ at Learnapalooza

Performing at Walsh Elementary

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Teen Writers and Artists Project Fundraiser // T-WAAP Sock Hop!

“We are raising money for our growing organization, as well as showcasing some of the programming that we offer year-round. (We are using “crowdrise” as a platform — here’s the link : ) We have many events throughout the year, such as our weekly “West Suburban Wordplay” a workshop and open mic experience for teens, artistic showcases throughout the year (such as our “Poetry Springs Eternal” event or hosting Buddy Wakefield), and our Creativity sessions that involve workshops in an array of artistic fields. Holding these events do cost money, which is why Teen Writers and Artists Project is hosting this Dance Marathon; to raise funds to keep the organization running and create more events!”

set time: 4 PM, there will also be performances by Adam Gottlieb & One Love, Leah Shoshanah, and Abraham Mellish.

Tourcation kickoff! Magnus Honey & Davey Dynamite w/ Special Guests!

Help us hit the road with a rad show!

Hit up a host for the address. Or write a note in blood onto the bark of a cimarron tree. Burn it that night and the address will appear in your dreams.

Here’s the event page for the rest of our tour:
@ GNARNIA, in the Avondale neighborhood. There will also be performancs by Sloth Hands, Stash4D, and more!

8200 S Fairfield Block Party

+ gon be performing for da kids at da block party

Be well, you are loved.

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