the homies blog//FEATURE: alex lukawski gets busy


I met Alex Lukawski in Hostel Earphoria’s basement at a show for noise poppers DAYMAKER. and steely shoegaze outfit Not For You. Everything was purple. A few weeks later I saw her cool girl band Glamour Hotline play a fun, rough set at a cool, rough show. There were Prince projections! ~*THEN *~ I seen her artwork hanging at Dollhouse DIY. Her portraits were something like I had never seent before, and I am happy we got to talk about it and that I get to share it with you here.

Alex says: “I have always been interested in drawing and painting people. I am fascinated by the array of hues found in skin tones and the interesting shapes that make up the face. Over the past couple years I have been painting portraits with loose brush strokes and unexpected saturated colors. I find that by referencing pictures with high lighting contrast it allows me to be more experimental in my painting techniques. I draw a lot of inspiration from my friends, the lighting at concerts, collaging and bad instagram filters.”

Contact Alex via her website.

announcements// SEPTEMBER 2015

Photo by Alice West O’Keefe


august days

+ came out with a new EP, entitled august days on 8/24.

cover by Galia

Read an interview about the project, courtesy of Mics & Men.

e slo tion

+ slowed down karrrrrrly ray jipson’s new album Emotion

e slo tion

Listen to the project in its entirety here.

sept 19 show

+ is playing an experimental hip-hop show at Dollhouse DIY, with Netherfriends, Stash4D and more!

FB event

coop op board

With fellow board member Liz Nerat

Plus Sign is now officially a board member of The Cooperation Operation, a non-profit community organization that transforms vacant urban land into organic gardens and spaces for educational and economic empowerment.

Find out more about us!  Come volunteer!

(coop op show/MIJALFEST)

Coop op is gon have an open jam in our Terra Dome after our workday on the 26th.

+ is playing MIJALFEST in Dekalb, IL that night though. you have to come to one or the either.

updated website

Updated this website a bunch! New bio, revamped music section featuring playlists, & headings for early poetry + curriculum/education +’s the homies blog.


Check out +’s new curricula, based in love & hip-hop. Invite them to your local org!

utopia, collection of essays

+’s utopia, a collection of essays will be available for checking out at Book Em, Benton House‘s new library of anti-authoritarian literature, when it opens September 7.


+ is volunteering as a support liason at FASN, the Feminist Action Support Network. FASN is addressing rape and abuse in Chicago’s music/art/lit/DIY communities through transformative justice and community accountability

visual artists call for Side by Side

Plus Sign the journalist is interviewing and featuring female artists at Side by Side Magazine.

If you would to consider being considered for consideration contact + at with work samples.
love you