announcements// OCTOBER 2015

+ has finished the curriculum for a six week program intended for teens interested in writing poetry, Plus Sign’s Break It Down, OK! Poetry Program.  Using +’s new educational word game The Bucket! participants will analyze text & performance for meaning, while producing several original pieces each session.

For more information, contact + at


+’s seventeenth album PLUS SIGN FOREVER is coming out october 31st. it will be an acapella pop album!


October 9th, The Cooperation Operation is holding a big fundraiser, This Is All There Is. Thank you, Little Jack Marketing. Plus Sign is the master of ceremonies for the event, which will feature art exhibits and music performances from DAYMAKER., Right Eye Rita, and more!



Plus Sign’s the homies blog is back! Check out the first (new) entry, alex lukawski gets busy now! New entry on Tues, Oct. 6.

love you

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