FEATURE// sL-2God: war and peace

plus sign1-3 (1)
Cover by Nat Iosbaker

What’s different about this new mixtape?

The first sL-wGod tape was full of pop songs. It was very bright, and even though things were changing and I was using a lot of effects throughout the tape, it was relatively simple to follow. Here’s a cool pop song slowed down, here’s another cool pop song slowed down, here’s a spacy collage portion that still feels really good overall.

This project is more conceptual in some ways. A lot noisier in some parts, incoherent in some parts, it’s what happens after things get more complicated.

Like, war is not just getting from A to B – it’s a whole thingie. I don’t want to say too much and tell you what you’re supposed to think, but I want you to know there is rest at the end of this sculpture, and little invisible things to absorb and keep with you from the conflict.

Read an interview about the first sL-wGod mixtape.


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