OLD ESSAY// Hello, Stranger: Not For You’s Lindsey Sherman


This piece originally appeared in Side By Side Magazine, April 2015.

Lindsey Sherman was waiting for Not For You. Native to¬†the Northwest¬†suburbs, she’s¬†been generating music that pushes at the barriers of the mind and heart for years. It’s never clicked for G-Shermo like it has with NFU¬†though.

“What’s it like playing with other people?”
It’s really strange.

LS started playing music in junior high, fumbling around like the rest of us with saxophones, etc. before realizing that, actually, she wanted a guitar. A shoegaze outfit in high school was a lot of fun – and activated a love of sound design that permeates Li’s work today –¬† but couldn’t survive outside of the studio. Lindsey subsequently developed her solo voice as Cool Mom, producing oodles of “spooky, ethereal” songs that, in the end, she never felt cut it either.

A selection of those songs, dating as far back as two or three years, make up most of Not For You’s debut Canary in the Mine, which Lil Sherm also mixed. The band only started playing this year but their easy chemistry and belief in each other propels the three-piece forward to progressively resonant heights.

I got the chance to catch young NFU¬†at the DIY venue Hostel Earphoria a couple weeks ago, a bill that included +¬†favs¬†DAYMAKER. Not For You straight up fucking blew people’s minds through Sherman’s powerful¬†modulated vocals and compositions that mix a deep,¬†emotive core with steely textures and explosive songwriting. Since then, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the preview of …the Mine¬†that’s been up on the group’s official¬†Bandcamp.

Update, 2016: This week Lindsey  & co. released a little thingie called I Dream of Sludge. Check out the pair of songs above!

“Do you feel a specific chemistry with [these] players?”

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