OLD ESSAY// Late Pass: Glasser – Interiors


Those six pulses that make up “I WAS RUNNING THROUGH THE 6 WITH MY WOES” exploded in that bar, exactly how they should have. You had your six headbangs, your freeze for five counts followed by an eruption of limbs, people climbing on their chairs and spilling their drinks, people beating their chests like Training Day Denzel, people doing the Rick James couch kick. It was all terribly uncouth and totally appropriate. The worst behavior was the right behavior — it mirrored what was being heard over the speakers.”

Rembert Browne, “Drake, At Night”

I’m not certain what the IRL equivalent of this scene would be like for any given track on Glasser’s Interiors. Since we can’t wrestle with dimension-breaking spoons like Glasser (aka Cameron Mesirow) does in Interiors’ accompanying artwork or anything like that. But I think I might have an inkling:

I found this album again after a long, torrid affair with the aforementioned Drizzy’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and Kanye West’s “All Day.” I was in a state of extended conflict with and isolation from many of my closest friends and family, and at the end of an interminable winter experience I found that I was sick of shutting the world out. Even if I hadn’t been trying to, I was tired of healing by listening to anxious men objectify the world around them and warp my perception to their cold landscapes.

Ironically, my journey brought me straight to Interiors, an album full of, you guessed it, cold landscapes and struggles with objects. But where a Drake song sounds like a mean mug, Interiors is an pensive gaze, mouth slightly agape and curled upward. As Mesirow appears in Interiors‘ visual component, a collaboration with artist Jonathan Turner, she is struggling with her most intimate of environments and invigorated in the eager humility it takes to keep going. Interiors is a purposeful wandering, borne of insatiable curiosity.

I’ve had many wonderful moments with the album over the past couple of months but the one I hope to always remember is the piece that corresponds to our preceding Drake quote. As I pack things up in my apartment of two wild years, the album finale “Divide” fills a sunlit living room. My father arrives to move me back to the home I grew up in while Mesirow makes a wish to fold space & time and be back with her fam. “I miss the idle moments that define who we are,” she sings from across the ocean on a bed of live strings and soaring ghost voices. Moving backward and forward – familiar spaces smaller and larger than ever before – Glasser and I fulfill each others’ wishes.

This piece originally appeared in Side by Side Magazine.

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