+’s SIX MONTH PLAN as President of the World is now available

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The President & 1stBoi

This speech was given at Hostel Earphoria on October 8, 2016. (VIDEO)



I would like to start by taking a moment of silence for the life of Corvus Humphries aka Chrono. ~~ Chrono, you are loved.

In two days, I am leading a communication and conflict resolution workshop for the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative at Northern Illinois University. In the following months I will continue to lead workshops, conduct mediations, facilitations, and lead and be led in trainings based around community engagement, education, and communication. Also I am a rapper.

I’m all about the call and response. And I hear you. I hear you Nicollete trying to bring conflict resolution to your Inglewood students. I hear all of you  in my facebook message requests (when i can remember to check them), asking what’s up with FASN because your venue really is committed to having support liasons at your shows. I hear you Jamila, trying to work on checking in with your fam.

I will move through this world with purpose and clarity, on the straight edge of sobriety, making this world safer for people of types who want to go to shows and not have to suffer through scary conversation and constant inebriation. With thoughtful partners, I will subvert and enhance these spaces, make workshops out of wastelands and invent choruses out of dischord.

There are several big issues on our mind as a planet. The foremost, of course, being the climate crisis. How can we, as humans, restructure our communities and resources in ways that are sustainable. How can we exist ethically, healthily, while staying true to the promise of forward progress? And how should we, the people of the future, police ourselves?

The Cooperation Operation rose from the ashes of the Occupy movement. We were an intentionally leaderless organization of young people that came together to transform a vacant lot on the Southside of Chicago into a little slice of paradise. There were moments, our ribbon cutting ceremony, summer talks on the back porch, the first time the sunflowers bloomed on what was once a toxic wasteland, where utopia was ours.

Though that same flame still burns, we have grown up. We are not intentionally leaderless anymore. We are leaders of a new world and we recognize that the next phase of the Coop Op is to take greater responsibility for meaningfully involving the community around us in building that world, right from the center of the universe on the Southside of Chicago. Here, we protect the environment while we feeding those today who otherwise would not have been fed yesterday.

As President of the World, I pledge to extend the work my partners at The Coop Op have cultivated these past growing seasons throughout Chicago and the world and provide opportunities for artists and organizers like myself to transform fallow wastelands into creative utopias. To give little black boys and girls tiny little shovels and knowledge of our most sacred cycles. To cut down emissions from food traveling across the world while/by giving people everything they need to grow everything they need right down the street from where they live. Let me know what you need to get involved in the gardens across Chicago reversing the tide, quite literally, of our rising seas and dying trees.

They don’t want us to win. They want us broke. They want us miserable.

THEY don’t want us to win because of capitalism, where dollar signs hide food, water, and knowledge. Where life is conditional, where love comes after violence. We all know it. In a world where we call for alternatives while struggling to stop the violence that seems to come from every direction.

I, the president of the world, am an anarchist and an ardent advocate and practitioner of transformative justice. In the Cooperation Operation, in my home life, and elsewhere, I believe in forgiveness and communication above all else. That’s why I need Feminist Action Support Network. That’s why i believe we need it. The past year we, at FASN, experimented with responses to sexual violence in our arts community. Many of my closest friends have been affected and continue to be affected by this societal disease.

We failed. A lot. We cried, people did not heal, and yet the feeling deep down is good. Because we tried. And there were serious positive impacts. With the advice and support of our friends and peers we shifted the current culture of our DIY community using the tools granted to us by punks in Philly, by the femme black activists over at Project NIA, and indigenous people from hundreds of years ago. We are able to synthesize this information into better & more inclusive practices and resist the oppression of capitalism to get free from this culture of violence.

I want you to be the mediators & Support Liasons. I’m just a door.

We are a rising alternative to this police state, a rising where communities of people are trained in understanding the causes and effects of violence and can contain and heal that violence without resorting to guns and handcuffs, electric chairs and prison cells.

Round the city round the clock, everybody needs you. And we need everybody. In the following months, I pledge to do my part to revitalize and stabilize the Feminist Action Support Network. We play an essential part in the movement and the artists, as ever, are on the vanguard of this very necessary stuff.

I love you and I’ll see you in six months.


a life of meaning vol. 2 is now available


THE SICK MUSE is a semi-monthly zine featuring lyrics, paintings, poetry, and musings from the underground scene in Chicago. Find them in stock at Quimby’s Bookstore, Permanent Records, Bucket O’Blood Records, Saki Records, Reckless Records, ECO, and a (not) DIY show near you!!

This is +’s essay from The Sick Muse vol. 5, released this week, accompanying a revolutionary sticker collection, part of +’s ongoing a life of meaning multimedia project.


U.S. Presidents have said a lot of nice things about art over the years~ perhaps most famous is John F. Kennedy’s speech at Amherst College in 1963, a partial eulogy for the poet Robert Frost, where Kennedy says “I see little of more importance to the future of our country and our civilization than full recognition of the place of the artist.” In 2014, current president Barack Obama stated that “the arts are central to who we are as a people.” And a few years ago, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wrote to Vanity Fair:

“In my line of work, we often talk about the art of diplomacy as we try to make people’s lives a little better around the world. But, in fact, art is also a tool of diplomacy. It reaches beyond governments, past the conference rooms and presidential palaces, to help us connect with more people in more places. It is a universal language in our search for common ground, an expression of our shared humanity.”

She’s kind of talking about art as “soft power”: a persuasive approach to international relations, typically involving the use of economic or cultural influence. However, I’ve been fascinated lately with thinking of what art might be like as “hard” power. What if we could, to paraphrase singer Frank Ocean, actually draw on fantasy to make things hyperreal? When I watched Hillary’s husband, former president Bill Clinton, talk about her political career during a speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, a major theme was her existence as a Change Maker. She would pick up a phone or go to someone’s office building or sign off on a bill and suddenly thousands of parents would be able to take their child to preschool or a hundred clinics would stay open. It made me think of how I can’t do that; no matter what I put in a song, my words are just words that you’ll soon forget.

The purpose of a life of meaning is to empower a new connection between real life and popular art ~*~*~*

There’s an imaginary land of freedom and peace that music often refers to- think John Lennon’s “Imagine,” or The Staple Singers’ “I’ll Take You There.” I believe that place exists as a physical reality right on the other side of the political condition that we live in. The Staples family can’t actually take you through that looking glass the way a politician can but placing these stickers on plants, walls, on bedroom doors and bathroom stalls works to realize the potential of our greatest art and our purest selves.

In past writing, I’ve defined love as “a state of mutual vulnerability.” I meant it both emotionally and as a political definition. That’s how it appears, too, in Beyoncé’s new visual album LEMONADE as the personal reconciliation of Bey x Jay gives way to images of mothers of young black men killed by law enforcement. Beyoncé’s happy ending for these mothers – their “Freedom” – portrays black women growing food together in a boundary-less community. Here, class isn’t a factor: literally everyone has a seat at the table. There are no prisons. I feel like it’s my responsibility to state without ambiguity that there is only one political concept that encompasses LEMONADE’s perfect reality. It’s already championed by millions of people all over the world and it’s called Anarchism.

the homies blog presents // 25 QUESTIONS BEFORE WE CHANGE THE WORLD with~ Kevin and Hell!


I’ve performed with Kevin and Hell numerous times, and they were very memorable times. Once, his mullet was shaved onstage. Another, it was his birthday! Both times he laid down a funky, quirky, lo-fi jazz that is warm, enigmatic and sweetly brilliant. One of his stickers is in my bedroom and another is on my co-friend Jerrod’s water bottle. I am honored he asked me to perform for a series of shows he’s been putting together this fall.


What’s your favorite color?   Clear
Who is your favorite athlete? The one that is just trying to enjoy themself
What is your favorite poem and why? The one I haven’t heard yet, because it’ll be something I haven’t thought already.
What is the name of your fictional autobiography? Stairway to Kevin
How tall are you? 6 feet and 2 inches
What is the title of the earliest work of yours you can remember? I can remember how it sounds but not the title.
What is the title of your most recent piece of work? Moons of Mars
Tell me about it? It is a song where I float around in space and listen to the stars. A music video is almost ready.
How did the show September 29 come about? I wanted to bring some of my favorite local acts to Fat City in a quieter setting
Where is home? Wherever I’m comfortable
What is home? A state of mind
Who is home? You are home
Whose home are you? I am my own
What is your favorite plant? The truffula tree
Who is your daddy and what does he do? My dad is Mark and lives in Montana
Who are you? I am Kevin and/or Hell
What do you do? I transcribe music from the vast realm of possibility
Who would you like to collaborate with? The Myth Science Arkestra
Where are you going? I can’t say for sure
Where did you just come from? Not 100% sure about that either
Where are you right now? Next to some flowers on a painted bench
Who is Vashti Bunyan? I don’t know, yet
TELL me some impressions of the other performers? A lot of very different people working to bring people together.
Why are you still performing? I’ve temporarily retired to research the fruiting bodies of fungi.
What does a free world look like to you? One where people don’t need to impose their own agendas on others.

the homies blog presents// 25 QUESTIONS BEFORE WE SAVE THE WORLD with Corey Anderson!


As I type, Corey Anderson’s former band Glad Rags has lulled into a gorgeous freefall.  All the dissonance and  tense Tom Waits-esque growls making up the first suite of the outfits most recent album Imaginary Friends have smoothed out and Corey has a chance to relax & make love to the listener through his horn. I love it~ amid the colorful barrage of his other former band, the mighty Evasive Backflip, and the weight of the world pushing him to be ever more self-critical as a young, white male it’s nice to think of Corey at peace. He deserves it. I’m glad for this interview, to hear about things and people he loves.


What’s your favorite color?

Oh goodness, off to a good start. I don’t have a favorite color. I’ve never really understood the whole favorite color thing on a personal level. I think I understand why other people have favorite colors but no color stands out to me.

Who is your favorite athlete?

If I had been asked this a few years ago I would have had an answer. Now, I have no idea. Sports were a big part of my childhood and growing up I was very active (in participating and watching) but lately I’ve been all like, ‘major sports leagues are kinda fucked up’ and the breeding of arbitrary divisions among people (ie cubs/sox rivalry) just compounds those feelings.
That’s not really an answer to the question though.
What is your favorite poem and why?
I’m not so good at this favorite game, or the remember names of media that you consume game, or the favourite game if you’re english. That being said….I don’t have one.
What is the name of your fictional autobiography?
‘Just another white man’
How tall are you?
Average. I fit perfectly under those low basement ceilings at all these house shows.
What is the title of the earliest work of yours you can remember?
I’ve always been terrible at titling my art, so, I have no idea. But I do remember I have always written poetry and songs and created art about love, emotions, and the world around me.
What is the title of your most recent piece/body of work?
Self Indulgence
Tell me about it?
It is a 52 minute album that was inspired/written/performed/recorded during a month of change. It’s subject matter is both a reactionary take on some pretty big changes in my day to day life that occurred at the onset of its creation and it is part of the larger ongoing conversation I have through my art about my struggles with what psychologists like to call bi-polar disorder.

How did this show come about?

Well, it may or may not be my birthday and I may or may not have a tape coming out. So, I may or may not have decided to get a few people whose talent and company I enjoy to get together on a bill!

Where is home?

Not really sure honestly. I was born in south florida but only spent the first 6 years there. My folks then moved to Naperville, and while I grew up there I’ve never felt it was my home. I’m always tempted to say Chicago, but I didn’t grow up here. So, in the end it will always be a place of comfort and hopeful stability, but I don’t think I’ll feel right putting a label on it as deeply entrenched in ownership as home.
What is home?
Music. My brother, my father, my mother, my partner.
Who is home?
See the above, and add that maybe one day I’ll answer that I am home.
Whose home are you?
A ton of bacteria and organic matter! Also maybe my partner and again maybe one day, myself.
What is your favorite plant?
Ivy is pretty spectacular to me right now. The way it slowly envelopes and creates a coat around whatever it vines along is pretty beautiful. My current bedroom looks out to an alcove of brick and ivy that frames my view by becoming my view. Also, marijuana.
Who is your daddy and what does he do?
My dad is Scott Anderson, currently he is professor at northwestern’s medill school of journalism! Before that he was one of the first people to put news online and spent 20+ years working at the sun sentinel, tribune interactive and the Chicago tribune. He is also an incredibly intelligent person and has always challenged me and pushed me to better myself.

My mom is currently working as a social worker after having recently gotten her masters (woo, go mom!). She is one of the hardest working badasses I know.

Both my parents are almost as radical as me and they definitely make it known/ do work to change The world. They are both extraordinary people who have sacrificed so much to provide a good life for my brother and me. I can see them and their influence in me every day and I am so thankful for that 🙂
Who are you?
I’m Corey! I’m pretty queer, I like dresses and pretty colors but god damn do I also like my beard!
What do you do?
Hopefully I work towards radical change through transformative justice and in providing a space for discussion and support of other necessary movements such as the abolishment of prisons and police.  I also play music and do arts and stuff
Who would you like to collaborate with?
Oh gosh, pretty much anyone actively and openly working against white male supremacy!
Where are you going?
To walk this next dog
Where did you just come from?
Walking the last dog
Where are you right now?
Walking a dog
Who is Vashti Bunyan?
I have no clue! Be right back, gonna google!
Okay so I can’t relay all the information I have just learned but she is apparently considered the godmother of freak folk. She recorded and wrote an album called Just Another Diamond Day that was released without much success. Apparently she was discouraged and left the music industry. Over time her work found an audience and she re entered the music industry and now has had “success”.
And now I need to listen to all her music.
Ps I used Wikipedia…..so I’m probably missing the radical/less commercial shit she did
Pps Plus, you always find a way to educate!
TELL me some impressions of the other performers?
Well, the very first thing is a presentation on anti gentrification movements and how to unionize as a tenan/fight against landlords. Then, it’s +, who has inspired me in I don’t know how many ways and is always a treat to hear/be in the presence of! Then it’s me! Then, Evasive Backflip, that bad ass band I sometimes play in, with that incredibly versatile sound. First time I heard them I said, imma play with them. Then I did. Last up is piss piss piss Moan Moan Moan! Oh boy not only is their music awesome but the band members are incredibly kind people. Tiger in particular has always been someone I look up to because of how accepting and open they are!
Overall I picked these bands for this show because they have all inspired and influenced me in overtly positive ways! That being said I was bummed I couldn’t include even more people, but there is always next time.
Why are you still going?
Because it’s not time to stop yet.
What does a free world look like to you?
This one’s tricky because I don’t think I’ll ever see a free world and so it is hard for me to flesh out the details of a free world. I think our society is entrenched in anti-freedom, that is to say we have people, systems, and ideas constantly working against freedom. Anti-freedom is not inherintly human though, it’s just we have a long history of oppressive systems being interwoven into our collective and individual consciousness. The economy is one of these systems and it is dependent on inequality. It is treated as an integral and inseparable part of humanity, but it’s not inseparable. It only has an extraordinarily long lineage and broad reach that gives the illusion of inseparability.
So, a free world has to be a separation of people and these ideas and systems of oppression. To do that though we will have to match in our efforts the longevity and ferocity of those systems. Planting seeds of freedom just as those in the past planted the seeds of anti-freedom.

I won’t ever see this world, but I know it’ll exist one day.

announcements// OCTOBER 2016

Photo credit: Sasha Tycko/1st Boi

President of the World

+ has elected itself President of the World. 1st Boi of the World is Sasha Tycko.

The President & 1st Boi will be laying out their Six Month Plan in a video address to the world wide web on Wednesday, October 5.

30 Days of Plus

In anticipation of its nineteenth album #plussignAM (November 1) + will be uploading each of its albums, EPs, and mixtapes to a new bandcamp: plussignam.bandcamp.com

Communication Workshops

+ is offering communication workshops & mediation and conflict resolution services on a $liding $cale. They will be leading a private workshop at Northern Illinois University in October for the school’s Young Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative and a free public
communication workshop at The Cooperation Operation’s volunteer workday on October 15th.

the homies blog presents// 25 QUESTIONS BEFORE WE SAVE THE WORLD is a series of interviews + will be conducting with fellow artists & curators ahead of their shows together this fall.

I’m Here 2 Rap 4U Tour


$eptember 29 w/ V.V. Lightbody

october 1 w/ Forced Into Femininity

october 8 w/ Evasive Backflip

october 12 w/ Mykele Deville

october 22 w/ DAYMAKER.

Dekalb, IL:

november 18 (benefit for Dekalb Area Women’s Center)


is exactly what it sounds like.

love you



the homies blog presents// 25 QUESTIONS BEFORE WE SAVE THE WORLD with Jill Flanagan & Kiam Marcelo Junio!


Jill Flanagan and Kiam Marcelo Junio are two of my favorite artists. They intimidate and inspire me with their skill, poise, beauty, and toughness. I am honored to be performing alongside these queer icons and also love their Facebook presences* just knowing that they’re there. Kiam shot two of the first homies blog entries featuring folk punk master Davey Dynamite and Chicago rap gods Lamon Manuel+SKECH185.

We will be performing October 1 at No Nation in Wicker Park alongside a bodacious bevy of other performance/multimedia artists~ they’re also queer icons!



What’s your favorite color? grey
Who is your favorite athlete? Roy Jones Jr.
What is your favorite poem and why? The Applicant by Sylvia Plath is definitely one of them, I love all of Plath’s work but particularly this poem it’s so dark and psychotic seeming with a kind of Harold Pinter absurdist feel. I also love epic poetry like Dante’s Inferno and The Faerie Queen volumes 1-3 by Edmund Spencer
What is the name of your fictional autobiography? Diary of a half-wit:the remix
How tall are you? 6’2
What is the title of the earliest work of yours you can remember? I drew a book with the help of my parents about the invasion of the muffin people when I was 7
What is the title of your most recent piece of work? newest songs: Uterine Horn, I was a woman, Pit. I was in a play recently called Asshole in Wonderland:Body As Storage Unit

What will you be performing on Saturday? Forced into Femininity

Tell me about it? Forced into Femininity is a project and a personage that has inhabited me for several years. it’s gone in many different directions. I’ve been sending people booking emails calling it marxist body horror garbage opera but it’s always changing. Maybe trying to scare people and be funny. I was going through a period where I was writing a lot of songs exploring my white privilege and class privilege. Right now I’ve been experiencing a lot of heartbreak and emotional turmoil so it’s kind of gone in a more introspective place. But also singing more directly about being a transwoman. At this point in my art making, I’ve decided I just have to make art about what I’m obsessing over and not worry too much about significance

Where is home? It could be Chicago. Or a seat on a bus rocketing through blackness

What is home? I feel like home only exists for limited periods of time. Then it becomes to confining or upsetting because of the things that have happened there. As I’m typing this I’m lying in the room in my parent’s house where my grandmother died.

Who is home? myself in the mirror

Whose home are you? various parasites

What is your favorite plant? I really like the wild dill that grows everywhere in oakland. I’m trying to learn more about plants

Who is your daddy and what does he do? My dad is Jim Flanagan and he is a retired technology supervisor who now does consulting. He was on the first wave of personal computing and used emojis before anyone else.

Who are you? I’m a tangled mess wrapped in a smile

What do you do? I try to be a good person but I end up causing more harm than good probably. I try to create space for people to make art and help people. I like creating sounds and rolling around and climbing on people

Who would you like to collaborate with? Whitney Allen is a great collaborator because she balances out my stressball nature with her calm list making and enthusiasm. Plus she’s incredibly brilliant and talented. Also I’ve been having fun making this movie about dog people with Molly Hewitt and Julia Zinn.

Where are you going? down the tubes

Where did you just come from? sickroom antics and darkrooms of netflix and anxiety

Where are you right now? Things are silent. I still have trouble sleeping. the warts on my fingers are dyed black with bike grease

Who is Vashti Bunyan? she’s a lady who rides her buggy around williamsburg collecting the levies on the wifi at different coffee shops

TELL me some impressions of the other performers? THIS IS HARD, no offense

Glam Hag and Lady Daddy: dystopian relaxation techniques with a r.a.d.a style accent

+: A children’s show host but for adults who are confused children

Marcelline: abstract and dramatic movements of objects and body delineating our constructions of race

Ryan Hunter Greenlee: an elfin master of ceremonies playing strange and inhuman games

AntiBody Corporation: pop stars from an alternate and terrifying dimension

Kiam Marcelo Junio: a flowing digitally created sprite on a projection

Why are you still performing? I can’t stop even if I wanted to and I don’t want to

What does a free world look like to you? I don’t know, I feel like it would be all femmes destroying things and headbanging.




What’s your favorite color?
Black and the many shades of blue

Who is your favorite athlete?

Yumiko Yoshioka, a butoh dancer

What is your favorite poem and why?

“Oda a unas flores amarillas / Ode to some yellow flowers” by Pablo Neruda.

What is the name of your fictional autobiography?

SACRED SKIN: A Creation Myth in Five Parts

How tall are you?


What is the title of the earliest work of yours you can remember?

“This foot, then this foot, then this foot, then this foot” performance, 1984-1985

What is the title of your most recent piece of work?

A performance titled “Synthesis,” also, “Mimesis IV (Islands, Lakes, Explosions)” a new piece from my series, Camouflage as a Metaphor for Passing.

What will you be performing on Saturday?

Watching my sister getting married; also screening SACRED SKIN Chapter 1

Tell me about it?

my sister is officially joining of her energies with her chosen soul reflection in front of 200 people;
SACRED SKIN Chapter 1 illustrates a journey from here to there, traversing time through a world of polarity.

Where is home?


What is home?

A place of belonging

Who is home?

My self/selves/ higher self / chosen family / the entire universe

Whose home are you?

Those who seek to affirm themselves through a reflection of their divinity

What is your favorite plant?

Sampaguita, the national flower of the Philippines; also the wide variety of orchids

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

My daddy is God aka Source aka Brahma aka the Oversoul, aka the Breath of Life and they make all things possible and give me an unlimited allowance in creative power

Who are you?

A spark from the flame of divinity housed in a temporary human vehicle

What do you do?

Create, assess, synthesize, feel, reflect

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Other self-aware and self-actualized divine sparks aka cute and hella talented people, I’d also like to one day collaborate with an elephant or a humpback whale.

Where are you going?

The future, also, San Diego to see and be with my family after a 5 year absence

Where did you just come from?

The past, also Chicago where I currently reside

Where are you right now?

This very moment, on an airplane, getting ready to land.

Who is Vashti Bunyan?

Another fractal of all of reality, pero no conozco, maybe I should look them up when I have wifi

TELL me some impressions of the other performers?

Creatures of love and power, agents of change

Why are you still performing?

Because I’m still breathing

What does a free world look like to you?

People aware of their power and beauty, a world of empathy, forgiveness, tenderness and joy.