Mary Beth Stanton

“In a genre all his own. Like a cybernetic beat poet, he crams verses and spoken word through a razor-sharp circuit board and spills the cyclone of results as far as they will reach.” 
– Northern Star interview [Link]

“Playing almost like an art house horror, abstraction and confrontation meet in a never ending play of anticipation and tension.”Rose Quartz, “CARVE TWO LETTERS,” [Link]

Of Mics & Men Magazine

“The ambitious, gifted and prolific [+] is on the vanguard of DIY music, yet he remains relatively unknown. Since 2008, he has released records at a staggering pace which collectively blend the atmosphere of minimal synth, the rhythms of hip hop and the structures of post-rock with indie rawk’s confessional sensibilities into something intensely personal and occasionally aesthetically confronting. On top of this, he’s determinedly swimming against the misogynistic, violent and materialistic tides that tend to dominate mainstream rap.” – life is noise interview [Link]

“I’m at a loss. Schizophrenic-hop was the best descriptor I thought of, but fuck labels – just know that this 19 year old Chicago-based MC, producer, and mindscape researcher blows the boundaries off hip-hop, reminding you why sample-based music is exciting.” The Decibel Tolls, “New Adventures in Post-Pop”  [Link]

Corey Dillard


tenderdiscovery.com, the home of +, is back. it features +’s full discography, interviews and other highlights of their journalism, short video docs, experimental films, music videos, books of poetry, a novel, collections of essays and more.


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