get involved



~During the summer you can volunteer with The Cooperation Operation, a non-profit community organization transforming vacant urban land into learning gardens! In addition to being former President of the World, Plus serves on the board of directors at The Coop Op.

Check out Communication & Resolutions, the Coop Op document designed to help folks talk it out.

Use “The Bucket” or “Co-Listening” or “Positive Retention” with your family, activist group, or classroom and email us at to share your testimony!


~Project NIA is an advocacy, organizing, popular education, research, and capacity-building center with the long-term goal of ending youth incarceration. Their website is also full of resources and opportunities to delve into new styles of communication and community.


~Also notable is Black & Pink: Chicago~ the local chapter of the transnational alliance between LGBQTIA prisoners and their free world supporters.

“These are the kinds of methods we use in the new world to solve problems and strengthen relationships,” says Plus. Stay tuned for the return of the Feminist Action Support Network and more ways to get involved…!

As always, + is available for workshops and consultation as ex-President of Utopia.