No Tellin’ (Drake cover),” for The Window Series

see also:
maya and the two brothers

my sixteenth album I+e+r+a+d+u+r+a aka GOLDEN SUMMER aka serendipity: wind waker, a play

Queeriosity: What’s Your Fantasy? promo


“jihad” – Shot by Stash4D

“You That Nigga, God.” – Shot by Daryl Turnbow

see also:

stevie 2 haim,” for The Window Series


brutal discovery,” for Station to Station/

where my vegans at (all natural everything)” [official music video]

see also:

+” at Salonathon LEX·IC·A, January

“haters (niggas) (feminism is for everybody),” at LEX·IC·A’s Queer Cypher, March



“for jermaine” with h. melt, [courtesy Joe Varisco / JRV MAJESTY]

see also:

tender discovery at the 2012 Chicago Bioneers Conference, pt. 1 & pt. 2
[courtesy Heartland Media]



ojalá” [official music video]

see also:

“Rescue” by Mark Matousek for V-Day 2011: A Memory, A Monolgue, A Rant, A Prayer

casey jones and brutal discovery” for The Encylopedia Show: The Railroad

(un)working under dreams (hooks 4 the final Hooks)/Tupac Backk



Lil’ Freak

see also:


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