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Let’s Build Garden City!‘s huge citywide workshop series How to Make A Million While Selling Your Crops in the Hood is the gift that keeps giving! Here’s our Q&A with LBGC! founder & rapper +! Stay tuned for more gem-filled interviews with farmers in your area! See you next Spring ^_^


Who are you?

+, aka Plus Sign.

What’s some advice you have for students starting out as a professional in the agriculture industry?

Hustle with the intensity of a famous rapper…and also relax & play with the intensity of one!

What are some local resources you think students should know about?

Of course everything in our resource library…and our community partners like Grow Op Chicago in Logan Square and the Breathing Room Space in the Back of the Yards neighborhood can show you a lot about organic collaboration. Advocates for Urban Agriculture has a huge community of people around it, too (AUA listserv). And Milan Anderson mentioned the Chicago Environmental Network. They seem really helpful!

Do you have any words of encouragement for someone just looking for a fun service learning project to do?

It’s really really exciting and beautiful to give life! And it doesn’t cost a lot but you can learn about any topic you want through it: from black history, to science, to health, to math. It saves lives and makes the world around you more healthy and connected in every way.

What’s the secret to students treating each other right?

Patience & active listening. Freedom from fear.

Anything else you want to talk about?

I’m excited to hit the streets and party on behalf of student gardens this year! Follow @letsbuildgardencity on IG to know when we’re gonna be out!

Traveling Party!


Can we share your social media?


Yes, please! I’m @nearfutureplus on IG & Twitter.




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